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Firewater Healing Mineral Spring

The pond has been used for centuries as a medical bathing spot for slaves from the surrounding plantations. However, its flammable properties were discovered some 80 years ago when Mehala Smith (now called Granny May) attempted to bathe in the water but was troubled by wasps from a nest hanging in the trees nearby. She attempted to burn out the nest with a flaming torch but the torch fell out of her hands. When the torch hit the pool, the water mysteriously caught alight. She ran home screaming that "duppies" (ghosts) were in the water. Mehala continued to bath in the water and is now over 100 years old.

We, at Rasta Wellness Centre (RWC) are a group of dedicated herbalist and natural practitioners following our passion for sharing our love of plant medicine and ancestral wisdom. It is our goal to raise the consciousness of Jamaican community (and the world) to desire to bring their health to complete wholeness & balance. Helping people discover their innate wisdom within activates the healing power of the body, mind spirit. We use a variety of ancient healing methods and modalities that support each individual’s health needs.