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No, it does not. You are responsible for arranging your air travel. However, upon request, JATB can assist, but there is an extra fee associated with this service.

Traveling by air to another country requires a passport book… not a passport card or driver’s license.

Yes, children are allowed provided that all children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

No, while in Jamaica, our private transport drivers/escorts will assist in exchanging your currency. Rates tend to vary from time to time, so to ensure you get the best rate possible it is best to let them assist you while you are in their country.

No, the electric current there is the same as in the United States.

No, you do not, however, that does not change the price you paid for the trip. To keep our prices low, and still provide you with a memorable experience all our packages are priced based on group rates.

Our trips are organized to provide unique experiences. We strive to support the local Jamaican economy using small businesses and local entrepreneurs. This helps to strengthen their communities, enhancing their overall quality of life and provide our travelers with great Jamaican experiences. Therefore, as much as possible, we keep our trips local and we do not deal with big corporate business chains.

We recommend that you check with the airlines that you are using. Each airline provides information on luggage including costs.

Many of the activities will include getting wet. Therefore, we recommend that you bring a couple of bathing suits, (trunks for men). Also, lightweight, breathable and comfortable clothing is recommended. Some walking, and hiking is included in some of the activities, so active wear is better suited. For evening events, comfortable casual wear is appropriate.

Yes, the hotels and guest houses do offer laundry services at a fee. This fee is not included in the price you paid for your trip.

No, we do not have a single supplement charge. Our prices for accommodations are based on double room occupancy. Single travelers will be paired with another traveler/s of the same sex. Should you choose to have a private room, you will be charged the full cost of the room and an extra fee will be assessed over the base cost for the trip

While in Montego Bay, the hotels we use are located on the “Hip-Strip”. Which hotel we use depends on the time of year that travel takes place, and the best price we can secure for our travel buddies. While we are in Treasure Beach, our travel buddies will stay at the Taino Cove Guest House/Hotel. This is also where the Rasta Wellness Center is located.

The services offered at the Rasta Wellness Center are listed on JATB’s website. The price for these services is not included in the price paid for your Wellness Week adventure. If you decide you would like to enjoy one of these services, please advise JATB prior to the date of the trip so we can inform the Rasta Wellness Center and they will be prepared to provide your service/s on the Rasta Wellness day at Taino Cove

It is not advisable to join the group late, but depending on how late you may be, we will do our best to accommodate you. However, there is no adjustment made to the price you paid for the trip should you arrive late or need to leave early. If you need to leave early, please advise JATB as soon as possible so we can arrange transport for you to the airport. Otherwise, you will be responsible for securing your own transportation

JATB transport/escort services is provided by JATB approved and licensed professional and insured drivers. Most of our transport affiliates use vans.

Our adventures are tailored so that we are supporting the local Jamaican economy through patronizing small local businesses and entrepreneurs. We do not use large chain hotels, or Western style restaurant meals. The price we charge for the week includes all basic entry fees to the various attractions. The cost for any activities you may chose to partake in at these destinations have not been included in the price paid for the trip.

Yes, internet service is available, however, it can be sketchy at times.

You probably will. We recommend you check with your cell phone company prior to leaving the country. They may have special pricing they can offer to you for the time you are out of the country

While credit cards can be used at some venues, others require cash payments. We recommend you check with your credit card providers as to their policy for use outside of the country. Some credit card providers charge an extra fee for use outside of the country. Also, if you are using a debit card, it is best to check with your bank prior to leaving the country to alert them of your travel plans, and to find out if they charge a fee for international transactions. Some banks have affiliations with banks in Jamaica which can save charges for using ATM’s or other banking services while outside of America

No tips are not included, but they are welcomed at your discretion. If you have any questions that have not been addressed here, please contact JATB either by phone or email with your questions. Thank you.

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